Freestone Climbing - group photo of climbing team kids

Freestone Climbing offers summer camps, after school climbing, youth climbing team and birthday parties. Click on the accordions below to learn more about these group events.

We will customize an event to meet your groups needs just email us to work out the details.

Please email for more information.

September 11th – October 16th
Classes run through the week.

Class minimum: 4 students
Class maximum: 8 students

Call us at (406) 541-1584 or, visit us at 1200 Shakespeare Street, Suite D

Beginner Class

Ages: 4/5/6
One day a week: Monday OR Wednesday
Time: 4pm - 5pm

No experience needed! This class aims to teach kids the first steps needed to climb. They will learn the basics of bouldering; foot placement, pushing with the legs, hand positions, and body position.

Cost: $132
Beginner/Intermediate Class

Ages: 7/8/9
One day a week: Monday OR Wednesday
Time: 5:15pm - 6:15pm

No experience needed for this class. Little Crushers will build off of Tiny Tots by adding more advanced techniques and skills needed to climb. This class will also start to learn how to read routes.

Cost: $132
Beginner/Intermediate Class

Ages: 10/11/12
One day a week: Tuesday OR Thursday
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

This is a new class! Young guns does not require experience to join. This class will aim to teach kids the advanced body movements and techniques needed to climb. Young guns will also learn the types of holds and hand positions.

Cost: $132
Advanced Class

Ages: 8+
One day a week: Tuesday OR Thursday
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm

YCC REQUIRES prior climbing experience to join.
Experience includes: past After School Programs, Gnar Pirates, YMCA Team, Freestone Climbing Camps.

The Youth Climbing Club is a non-competitive class that aims to help build kids endurance, skills, and abilities on the climbing wall. This class is an 1.5 hours long and will contain both training on and off the wall. Kids will learn different drills and lessons that help build climbing endurance in a team like setting.

Cost: $198
Make your birthday one you will never forget. Come climbing! After outfitting all the party goers with climbing shoes, we will give a quick safety talk, some basic climbing instruction and let the party loose to have fun. During the hour of climbing your climbing instructor will provide tips and hints to increase the fun of climbing. After the hour of climbing the partiers can enjoy cake, ice cream and present opening in our party area. A Freestone Climbing Shirt is given as our gift to the birthday person. Reservations require a non-refundable deposit.

Cost: $15/person; 6 person minimum
+ $40 non-refundable deposit required

Please read the

Class Refund Policy

  • Must be done the week before the session starts for a FULL refund.
  • Once session starts on September 11th, a refund of 30% will be issued.
  • The only exceptions for dropping the class during the session and receiving a refund for the REMAINING WEEKS are as follows:
    • Serious sickness
    • Injury
    • Moving
Freestone Climbing - group photo of climbing team kids